Here are 2 steps that would definitely help you boost up your rummy gaming tactics : 1. SELECT A TIME : There are many people of different age groups who play rummy. But these people can be categorized into different groups based on the time they play. for instance, the college going students or beginners usually play during day time. Thus if your are an expert you can play in daytime and win over the beginners. The professionals whereas are active during night time. So, if you are a beginner and you want to learn real practical tricks, you can play with professionals and learn from them. 2. RECORD YOUR GAME : If you are a beginner and you are at your learning stage then you can use the record your game technique in order to watch your game after you have finished playing. This will in return help you make judgements about your mistakes and eventually prepares you with fantastic moves for upcoming games. RupayRummy offers you the best gaming platform which is 100% MADE IN INDIA where you can meet different online players with different rummy skills.