1. Find your expertise : It is necessary to know the game of your luck. A player should be aware of a particular type of game in Rummy in which he can score easily. There are many different games in rummy such as 101 pool, 201 pool, point games, tournaments, etc. Make sure you find yourself as an expert of one of the above games. 2. Bluff : This is the most important step while playing Rummy. A player must never reveal his weakness or even strength to the opponent while playing. The game is all about bluffing. Even if the opponent has strong cards he would leave the game by looking at the confidence in you. This confidence would surely be fake because you would not have the stronger cards but eventually you will win by BLUFFING. 3. Play for small stakes : Playing for smaller stakes also means that you will be investing in smaller amounts. In this way, you will experience smaller losses too. So, if you are a beginner or even if you are a regular player and you are not confident about your game, you can switch to playing for small stakes at a time. This in turn would benefit you. These are some of the simple basic tips and tricks for beginners. Play Rummy Online Now and Win Big Cash Prizes without experiencing any kind of fraud! www.rupayrummy.com